Pool Repair FAQs

Our Philosophy

To understand our philosophy regarding swimming pools here at Midwest Aquatic Solutions, let's for a moment consider the specialization seen within the medical industry.

When we are ill or injured, we go to a doctor for treatment. Of course, the human body is an incredibly complex organism, and the type of medical professional that we seek out for help depends on what exactly it is that's ailing us. This specialization within the field allows doctors to concentrate their limited time and resources on one specific area and gives us as patients the confidence that we are receiving the best, most current treatment available.

Although swimming pools are clearly not as intricate as the human body, the construction process can still be quite complicated. There are several different methods used to construct swimming pools and each of these approaches results in a finished product with vastly different structural characteristics. For this reason, the pool professionals here at MAS believe that the swimming pool industry should be specialized in a manner similar to the medical field in order to best serve our customers. The basic fact is that no one company is good at everything and, if you claim to be, it is a pretty good indication that they are probably not particularly good at anything. 

Our objective is to bridge the competence gap that is currently so prevalent in the local swimming pool industry. By acknowledging in advance that we, nor any other single company, is the expert at everything, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible results.