Swimming Pool Rehabilitation in St. Louis

As a swimming pool ages, structural, mechanical and cosmetic concerns will inevitably begin to arise. Regardless of its physical appearance, a swimming pool with these types of issues will undoubtedly begin to function improperly. In some cases, issues with a pool’s functionality arise prematurely as a result of improper procedures used during the original construction of the pool. This is because some pool service providers compromise quality in order to save both time and money.

At Midwest Aquatic solutions, we value delivering quality service with each and every project. During your consultation with our experienced pool consultants, we will determine which options will deliver the best overall results for your swimming pool.


Of course, delivering a high-quality product, both during the original construction of the pool and during the rehab process, often results in a higher price tag. In fact, the rehab process actually poses an additional complication, as it is impossible to calculate total expenses until after the demolition process has been completed. For this reason, we include a contingency budget in all of our proposals in an honest effort to account for any and all issues that may arise throughout the course of the project. Ideally, this money will not be needed, and a credit will be issued at the end of the job. In this way, we hope to relieve some of the stress that is often associated with the “blank check” feeling that so often comes with swimming pool rehab projects.

As an example, let's consider the cost of replacing the underground plumbing lines running to and from the pool equipment. Because these lines run underneath the pool deck, they are ordinarily concealed and very difficult to access. For this reason, it is crucial to inspect and evaluate the condition of the plumbing anytime that the pool deck has been removed. Therefore, the cost for new plumbing is included in all rehab projects that involve replacing the pool deck, as this is the best possible time to replace the lines. After pressure testing and physically inspecting the plumbing, we will discuss our findings with the customer and make a recommendation regarding this matter.

At Midwest Aquatic Solutions, quality is our number one priority. We highly value the confidence that our customers place in us to make recommendations for their pool that are in their best interest and to allocate their money as wisely as possible. If you live in St. Louis and are interested in rehabilitation services for your swimming pool, contact us today and speak with our expert pool consultants.