Referral Services in St. Louis

Every pool that we encounter has its own unique needs, even some that may require certain pool services beyond what our team specializes in at Midwest Aquatic Solutions. Thankfully, we have a network of credible organizations that have added skills in many other aspects of pool rehabilitation, remodeling, and other repair services.

As a result, if our pool consultants at Midwest Aquatic Solutions determine that your pool has a particular issue or needs that fit completely within the expertise of a single company, we will simply refer you to that company.

Referral Companies

Baker Pool Construction

Baker Pool Construction is a St. Louis pool company and is closely affiliated with Midwest Aquatic Solutions. Baker Pool Construction specializes in designing and building new in-ground concrete swimming pools. To learn more about their services, click here.

Waterview Plastering

Waterview Plastering, part of the Baker Pool family of companies, provides interior finishing and resurfacing solutions for pools in the St. Louis area.

Flora Design & Landscape

Flora Design & Landscape, another member of the Baker Pool family, is where horticulture and artistic vision meet in strategic harmony. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Flora creates transcendent outdoor spaces that are both breath-taking and enduring. To learn more about the landscaping and maintenance services offered by Flora, click here.

Total Pool Solutions

Total Pool Solutions is a local pool inspection company. The staff at Total Pool Solutions are knowledgeable about most brands of pool equipment and particularly specialize in the inspection of heaters and electronic control systems. To learn more about this organization and their service offerings, click here.

SC Splash Pools

SC Splash Pools works with in-ground vinyl lined pools and specializes in providing vinyl liner replacement services to residents in St. Louis. Get more information about SC Splash Pools and their service offerings here.

Let our team at Midwest Aquatic Solutions work with you to determine which solutions are best for your swimming pool and if your situation requires a referral. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.